Bees Making Trailer Park Honey

Our Approach

What Happened?

Laurie and I purchased this small farm in rural South Carolina in 2005...for the last six years, I noticed that there were a LARGE number of bees making a beautiful habitat underneath the manufactured home (TRAILER) on the property.  It seems that we don't just have any type of bee....the HUGE amounts of natural flowers and "may-pops"* has attracted a large amount of honey bees.

Our Story

Our Story

This story is just getting started in the spring of 2017 as we are moving the bees to "higher ground"....(insert "Jefferson's" theme song here).

Stay tuned for the "moving" videos" and other items as we progress.


Meet the Team

Welcome to the Team...


Pax Jax

Chief Bee Chaser

Golden Labrador, Age 12


Cosmo D.(dammit) Jax

Chief Honey Taster

rescue: Age Unknown but probably 13-ish


Stephen Jax

Beekeeper/Fool (what was I thinking?)

Age 5 (that's what wife says)

"what are you, 5?"